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How Can David Hardisty Ltd.
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For most business owners and entrepreneurs, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess that you will want to grow your business – it’s a given – but for many, the tough question is how?

My name is David Hardisty and I’m a business growth and expansion expert based in Horsham West Sussex, and my sole aim is to help local businesses grow. When I speak to many small business owners they are quick to point out that, right now, it’s tough to achieve growth; the economy may be on the up, but the competition is working harder than ever, spending is tight, everyone wants ‘a deal’.

And the more sales pressure you’re under
the harder it is to maintain profits let alone grow them

But, I believe ‘now’ represents a fantastic opportunity for me to help you substantially grow your business. Having spent all my working life in business development, from major corporations to small to medium enterprises, finding ways to expand your business is as easy to achieve now compared to any other time.

Now here’s an interesting fact: did you know that there are…

Only three ways to increase sales?

Really? Absolutely – in 25 years no-one has ever given me a fourth option. So growing sales is, in reality, not that complicated to achieve if you have access to tried and trusted solutions you can easily apply – one that helps you build your business step by step.

And yet in my experience of working with business owners, they often have no plan in place or clear ideas on how to achieve this.

Okay I hear you say, what am I meant to do?

You see, as the owner, the leader, the one in charge of driving the company forward, you have to make time to plan your business. And I’m not talking about difficult time consuming ‘concepts’. My belief is that for things to work well in business they need to be:

Easy to implement
Tried & trusted
Proven to generate fast results

Working with you, we will create growth ideas that will specifically work for your company, be achievable in a sensible timeframe, and most importantly deliver results. Just imagine, if you grew your profits just 10% – would that be worthwhile?

Getting started is easy – simply contact me and arrange for a free consultation where I will explain exactly how you can grow your profits and increase your sales quickly and easily (I’ll even tell you the three sales strategies!). Please call now on 07711-206313, or email me via the Contact Me page.

By applying these tried & trusted ideas adopted by many leading companies, you will quickly start to grow and expand your business and generate more turnover and profit, plus give yourself more time and freedom to enjoy your success.