Mobile Friendly – Google’s Latest Information

On Tuesday 24th May 2016 Google released a major announcement with regards to Adwords, but the whole emphasis of the information was how Adwords would work on mobile computing platforms.

As the opening words of the Google Blog stated “The shift to mobile is no longer on the horizon. It’s here.”

So what’s Google looking to offer to help Adword marketeers get better pay-back on mobile devices? In Google’s words, they have redesigned Adwords from the ground up.

Well, the first massive change is the ability to use a different advert format itself with expanded text ads; instead of one 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines, to work better with mobile devices there will now be two 30 character headlines and one consolidated 80 character description line; this should make advert creation a much simpler task!

Also mobile websites always work better with imagery, and display ads on mobile now make adverts match the look and feel of the content users are browsing.

Plus there’s a whole lot more your Adwords specialist needs to know about when promoting to mobile devices.

So, if you’re business is likely to attract mobile device searches, please get it made mobile friendly asap.

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