Mobile-Friendly Websites Now Win More Business

The way we access the internet has changed massively in the last few years. Today, nearly everyone has access to mobile devices, from smart phones to tablets, and the ability to surf the web whilst on the move is becoming the dominant search method.

And it’s official: at the end of 2014, Google reported that more website traffic was being generated from mobile devices, and this was across all age groups. So having a website that’s well designed, functional and contains the content your customers can access on all types of device is now vital.

Plus there are three other key facts from Google: a) mobile searching will become the dominant search method in the near future, b) they rate user website experience as part of their overall ranking, and c) in the next search algorithm release, they will rank mobile-friendly websites higher.

So the facts are very compelling: if you’re mobile-friendly you will definitely generate more business!

However, the reality is unfortunately the opposite, with most websites still not being mobile-friendly, resulting in nearly half the people who access them reporting that they can’t use them properly, and that leads to one thing: lost customers.

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