Simple Time Management Part 1

When working with business owners, one key area that requires attention is their time management. A common theme is the lack of time: the problem is, everyone wants your time and there just isn’t enough of the stuff about in any one 24 hour day.

This should immediately start to ring bells

to anyone who relates to this predicament

Time should be your friend. Time is what we want to have to enjoy the good things in life. Time is good. So how can we adapt time – how can we become time lords ourselves?

My philosophy to all the problems businesses face is to find simple tools you can utilise – not just in the idea itself but in the implementation too, because the easier it is to remember and achieve, the more likely it will succeed.

And that leads me to a very simple but highly effective tool credited to US President Dwight D. Eisenhower: The Eisenhower Matrix. All you have to do is ask yourself two very straight-forward questions relating to every task you’re either asked or need to do

1. Is it important, and

2. How urgent is it?

Then based on these answers, prioritise the work as follows:

–  Important and urgent should be prioritised to the top of the list and get started on asap

–  Important but not urgent, time should be scheduled to do the task

–  Anything else, get rid of!

The order in which you fulfil tasks is very important – you simply can’t do everything, so prioritising each task is a vital step in you taking back control of your time.

The problem is many business owners end up caught doing so many ‘not important’ tasks.

When did you last check?

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