There Are Only Three Ways…!

If like me, you’re a big fan of Jay Abraham, one of the modern day greats in understanding strategic business and marketing, you’ll already know there are only three ways to increase your sales… can you list them?

Okay, everybody lists ‘get more clients’, it’s perhaps the easiest one to come up with. Now here’s the catch: research shows that of the three it’s actually by far the hardest to achieve. So before we move on, can I ask, where do you spend most of your time trying to increase sales?

In my experience working with SMEs, a big mistake many make is to concentrate 100% of their effort into finding new clients, often at the expense and ignoring the other two massive opportunities.

So how are you doing with the other two? Let me give you a big clue: it’s linked to your existing customers. That’s right – those valued clients you fought tooth and nail to win, who have already been persuaded to buy from you, and are now in an existing business relationship with you.

You see these clients are already on your side – they know you, they’ve been through the hard stuff, and because of this they will be much easier to convince to make future purchases when compared to winning the unknown new client.

So have you got the other two ways yet? Top marks if you considered both increase order value and increase sales frequency. By focussing your sales strategy and efforts here too, you will find it surprisingly easy to get additional growth in your business!

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