You Have To Be Page #1 Google

Marketing for companies has undergone a massive change with the creation and development of the internet, and although traditional marketing techniques are still useful, today the internet is by far the most effective tool for getting products and services to market.

The problem with the internet world is that it can be brutal.

Take people searching for your company, and I mean genuine searches on genuine keywords. If you’re a packaging company, what is the most likely generic term that potential customers will enter? You see putting joe bloggs packaging will probably rank you at the top of page #1, but new potential customers will never use this. Instead they will put something like cardboard packaging crawley.

Now here’s the harsh reality about searches with Google:

Fact #1: Google is the UK’s dominant search engine (about 90%, Bing around 5%) so you must be well placed with them.

Fact #2: 90% of all business will go to those companies listed on page #1 of a Google search.

Fact #3: approximately 70% of the business will go to those shown above the scroll line on the first search.

Basically if you’re not high up on page #1 in Google you won’t get the business.

Try it and see how you do.

The good news is there are many different ways to achieve a great Page #1 ranking with Google.

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