Google Announce Next Major Algorithm Update

In my last post, I discussed how the search world is changing rapidly, with mobile devices now the most dominant method to research on the internet (if you want some detailed analysis of search trends click here), and this is being reflected by Google in their next major algorithm release on the 21st April 2015.

My good friend Derek Armson, owner of Authority Digital a leading SEO ranking company, has just released a blog indicating what the next release will be, and the affect this will have on companies striving to rank well (to access his post please click here).

The bottom line is that this major change will impact
how Google starts to favour websites that are mobile-friendly

The unusual thing is that Google are making this such a public announcement, so we can’t now say we haven’t been warned!

And thinking of the internet leads me to one of my pet peeves: how clients implement ‘internet marketing’.

As business growth expert, I am often amazed that clients forget that the term ‘internet marketing’ has two words. The first word everyone seems to understand, in that you need a presence on the internet e.g. a website. But the second, and just as vital point, is how are you going to generate traffic to your website? No traffic = no business. It’s a bit like deciding to locate Harrods in the wilderness and then wondering why there aren’t any customers. And it’s the second part clients often forget to implement.

Enough on that for now – I’m sure I post more about this topic again in the near future!

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