Simple Time Management Part 2

I’m a great believer that if you decide you are going to do something, the chances are you will. As Henry Ford simply summed up “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”.

You see achieving is something most of us strive for in our lives, and for most of my life I believe I have tried to be an achiever – not always, but most of the time.

But, achievements have different levels of difficulty, and it’s not simply just how hard they are to attain – it’s often more about how we perceive how tough they are. And clearly this perception is going to affect how we go about the task in question – if it’s a task you want to do they tend to get done first, whilst important but difficult and/or time consuming tasks, those that you are not so keen on, tend to get delayed which often leads to them not being done until the last possible moment or worse still not at all.

Plus, this method of organising tasks can often result in other outcomes such as increased stress with the knowledge of a big/tough task forever looming over us.

So how can we overcome this inbuilt desire to do what we actually like doing rather than perhaps what we need to do? Well, recently I heard a simple way of doing this called Eat That Frog!

You see, the simple fact is that we always tend to put off the tough jobs because they’re unappetising, but here’s a little food for thought: if the worst thing you have to do is start each day by eating a frog – what can get worse for the rest of the day?

So, the frog is in fact that really important job you need to do that you’re putting off – that if you don’t start immediately will somehow get continuously pushed down the priority list by less important but more appealing jobs.

So, at the start of each day take a look at your list of tasks and prioritise the one that’s really important, the one you must do, and then get that task done first and do not start anything else until it’s finished.

By doing this you feel much better about the rest of the day ahead plus you’ll have achieved something important.

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