The Mobile Revolution

This shouldn’t really surprise me, but the speed of change in marketing techniques has been phenomenal in the last 10 years, and this change only seems to be getting faster.

And mobile platforms are part of that rapid change.

What were once only used for phone calls a few years ago have now become the internet platforms of choice by the end of 2014. Here are some facts that may surprise you:

• The internet now gets more searches from mobile devices than any other source
• 75% of all age groups daily surf the internet via mobile devices
• Mobile ready websites will increase your traffic by as much as 33%
• Nearly 60% of mobile searches bounce immediately if the screen size is too small or users cannot easily find the product/service they need
• Mobile devices have immediate call facilities

If you want to see some more details of how important mobile searching has become, please click here.

So the big question: have you checked your website for mobile friendliness recently?

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